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The Euregional Prize for Architecture (EAP) 2020

The Euregional Prize for Architecture (EAP) is awarded annually for the best graduation project of the five architecture programmes in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. Normally, the event consists of an exhibition, a festive award ceremony, a series of publications and a website as the pillar of the already extensive international network.

A maximum of 30 projects from an average of 400 graduation projects from the five architecture faculties of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion are selected for participation. The nominees will be presented by the partner universities themselves and assigned according to an allocation key. An annually alternating international professional jury will assess the projects in two intensive judging days and will elect the winners and honourable mentions. A festive ward ceremony along with an exhibition will complete the annual event, the location of which alternates every year within the Euregion locations. The prize money is a total of € 4,250.

The EAP – first awarded in 1991 – has become deeply embedded in the Euregion over the years thanks to the long-term, cross-border partnership between the various professional organisations, universities and its organiser SCHUNCK. SCHUNCK has been an initiator and inspirational organiser of this tri-national, cross-border project for some 30 years and an important booster in the Euregional exchange network of universities, universities of applied sciences and culture.

Find here the Jury Report Euregional Prize for Architecture 2020 by Christian Holl

Download PDF • 3.46MB

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